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Our Investment Philosophy

While it is easy to get caught up in the state of the economy or the latest "hot" stock, we believe passionately that the way you invest should be aligned with where you are in your life... not with the short-term ups and downs of markets.

You should have a financial blueprint to help you manage your opportunities, needs, concerns and goals. We call this approach Asset Class Investing and believe it makes good sense as you plan for both today and tomorrow.

There are three things to remember about how Asset Class Investing can work for you and your family:

  1. It focuses your investment portfolio on meeting your life goals.
    It is an approach designed to help you manage towards your most important goals rather than to short-term market trends.
  2. It is based on financial science and academic research.
    It combines the latest discoveries in economics and investing with close to 90 years of market data and insights as well as in-depth studies of investor psychology and behavior.
  3. It is a disciplined and structured approach.
    It helps protect against the common behavioral mistakes that can compromise your long-term financial goals.

Cycle Of Market Emotions

As this Cycle of Market Emotions chart illustrates, it is all too easy to let emotions guide how we react to market movements. Exuberance or panic can cause us to buy high or sell low — and thereby potentially compromise, even derail, our long-term financial plans.

We cannot predict the future, and we are skeptical of those who try. But since 1926, we’ve seen down markets in America (as measured by the S&P 500) occur about 27% of the time. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Periodic market declines are the necessary and normal price of successful investing. You can’t earn the long-term historical returns of global markets without experiencing some ups and downs along the way. To state the obvious, if there was no risk, there’d likely be no return.

Our role as your Advisor is to help you manage through bear and bull markets and keep you on track towards what matters most — achieving your long-term goals.

We do this in at least three crucial ways:

Rebalancing your portfolio periodically so it stays aligned with your goals
Making sure emotions and short-term thinking don’t compromise your future
Not trying to outguess markets